Sources: Barry Alvarez moves up retirement plans; Wisconsin athletic director expected to make announcement in coming weeks | College Football

March 27, 2021

The Badgers' annual expenses grew from $76 million in Alvarez's first year as athletic director, 2014-15, to $149 million last year.

In a presentation to the UW Board of Regents on Feb. 4, Alvarez gave a view into his personnel management style. He said prospective coaches usually ask during interviews what Alvarez wants from them.

"I know they're expecting me to talk about winning conference championships, national championships, etc.," Alvarez said. "I tell them I do expect them to be competitive. With the wherewithal we will give you we expect you to be competitive.

"But in the end, when I have my exit interview with a student-athlete I want that athlete to come in and say, coach, I had support from my coaches on the field, off the field. I grew. They supported me academically. I'm walking out of here with a meaningful degree. And you know what, if I had it all to do over again I'd come back here to school again.

"That's the attitude I want my coaches to have. I want them to care about their student-athletes. And I think that's the type of coaches that we do have."

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