Planning for future health needs make a CCRC a wise choice | Sponsored Content

April 4, 2021


Each generation of seniors is faced with an abundance of choices when it comes to retirement planning. All of those choices, however, have one common factor: Future care needs. It can be hard to know what healthcare a person may require at some point down the road. Here are several key aspects of Brethren Village that showcase how CCRCs differ from other senior living options.

Assured access to the care you may need

Some of the most important aspects of continuing care retirement communities are the levels of care, support, and services offered to residents to accommodate different stages of senior living. Also referred to as a life plan community, CCRCs like Brethren Village offer independent living arrangements to residents with availability of care or assistance if needed.


A comprehensive approach to health services

Once a new resident enters the Brethren Village CCRC, they have a range of health care services available should they need them in the future. Services include personal care, a state-of-the-art rehabilitation center, and secure memory care or skilled nursing care if the need arises. All of these options in one location help residents of a CCRC feel secure and prepared.


Providing a sense of community

Brethren Village understands the importance of social connections with like-minded individuals and focuses on providing residents with a community-driven living experience. It offers many options for residents to gather and socialize. Residents also have a long list of amenities available on campus, including a pool and fitness center, recreational activities, dining options, entertainment and more. At Brethren Village, seniors have a quiet atmosphere for peaceful living and still have plenty of ways to be connected to a broader community.

At Brethren Village, we strive to create a community of support and enrichment throughout the aging process, while still having the freedom to make More choices. Your choices. For more information, please visit