Make Future You Happy: Retirement Planning

April 9, 2021

It is never too early to start planning for retirement. This can be overwhelming to even think about because it has to do with getting old, illness, and death...retirement planning. But it can make you happier in the long run because with some forethought; many issues can be handled the best way possible regarding personal stuff and money stuff. 

Retirement planning is not just for people with gobs of money…it is for everyone and every family to think about and take some action before you are making decisions in a less than ideal circumstance or when you don’t have choices.  

When you get into retirement planning, it seems to a more holistic project for your life. It about making sure your 401K’s, IRA, and other accounts are being contributed to and on the right path for growth. Still, it is also about wills and trusts, powers of attorney for your health and finances, long-term care considerations, and taxes. It is about how assets will transfer from one person to the next; it is about details. While making these decisions and setting things up may take a few weeks or months, it is something that gets reviewed, and any adjustments are easier to make.  

These are all things future-you will be VERY relieved that were talked about ahead of time. 

This retirement planning is not only a conversation for you and your family but a conversation to have with your parents to make sure what they want to happen can happen because there seems to be a lot of legal and essential details.  

Thanks to J.M. Arbour in Hallowell for the learning lunch recently. It was very eye-opening.

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