13 Charts, Mini Bitcoin-Mining Rigs, Grayscale CEO: Insider Investing

July 26, 2021

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An employee views trading screens at the offices of Panmure Gordon and Co

Carl Court/Getty Images

The first half of 2021 in the stock market has been full of once-in-a-decade events. We asked 5 strategists from leading institutions to outline the most compelling charts informing their outlooks for the second half. Here are their top 13.

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13 must-see charts for navigating markets in the second half of the year, according to strategists at 5 top investment banks and asset managers

This is a photo of Idan Abada, a crypto TikTok influencer and miner, holding a mini bitcoin mining rig. He's wearing a black t-shirt.

Idan Abada

Idan Abada has gone viral on TikTok with an $875 mini bitcoin-mining rig. He explained to us how mini miners are generally used, what people usually hope to accomplish, and which limitations can impede success.

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An $875 mini bitcoin-mining rig is viral on TikTok. The video's creator told us 3 reasons why it's an appealing alternative for crypto traders, and explained its limitations.

Michael Sonnenshein

Grayscale Investments

Grayscale Investments has launched a DeFi index fund in collaboration with CoinDesk Indexes. The market-cap-weighted

index fund
is Grayscale's 15th product and tracked 10 tokens as of July 1. Grayscale CEO Michael Sonnenshein told Insider why they're launching the DeFi fund now.

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The world's largest crypto asset manager is launching a decentralized finance index fund. Grayscale CEO Michael Sonnenshein told us why the firm is betting on DeFi amid surging demand from institutional investors.

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